LuLu & LeRoy, a husband-wife team, are Christian and family entertainers. They started clowning in their church during 2000. That same year they formed a clown ministry that included more than 20 clowns ranging in age from 8 to 80. The Kingdom Klowns started full-time in 2005 and includes just the two of them - LuLu & LeRoy.

Many children today have never even seen a real clown, much less having interacted with one. LuLu & LeRoy can provide that opportunity.

"But, we're not just for kids," says LuLu. "We do as many performances for adults as we do for kids. And, of course, many of our audiences are mixed also."

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LuLu writes all the shows and handles the bookings, sharing the marketing chores with LeRoy.

She loves working with children. "I don't want children to be afraid of clowns," says LuLu. "Sometimes, because of scary movies and the like, they are. If we sense a child is afriad, we'll remain low-key. Usually, before our performance is over, they've lost their fear. They are having so much fun either watching or participating in what we are doing, that they forget about being afraid. I cannot explain the feeling I have when a child that was afraid to even look at me at the start, runs to hug me good-bye. Clowning is definitely a two-way street. We get back as much, if not more, than we give."


LeRoy has experience as an on-air radio and television broadcaster, newspaper 
editor and columnist, sales representative and public relations consultant.
is usually the not-always-so-straight man for LuLu's jokes and pranks.
Clowns humble themselves to lift others up. Life knocks you down sometimes
but the key is to quickly get back up  and keep on going.





 What are your fees?
Our fees vary depending upon travel time and expenses and our performance time. Please contact us for fees. We will try our best to work something out with you.


 How far ahead must I book an engagement?
Some events are booked a year or more in advance in order to reserve a popular date. Other times you can call a week in advance and we may have it open.


My daughter is in preschool and we would like to book you for her birthday party. Can you do it at the preschool?
We sure can, provided that it is agreeable with the teacher. We will need to personally speak with the teacher to verify that it is acceptable and to explain how to handle children that may be afraid of us.


LuLu and LeRoy, the Kingdom Klowns of Iowa

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