Painting between the lines of a foundation chip helped to make
Montezuma Memorial Hall look better.

Young people make town better on 'Monte Pride Day'
May 6, 2017

If Montezuma looks a little better to you this week, there's a reason.

Hundreds of students and their sponsors did all sorts of fix-up, paint-up and other projects on Friday, May 5, as part of the third annual Monte Pride Day.

More than a dozen specific project areas were covered. It involved everything from cleaning debris along Bonham Trail, to painting the front of Montezuma Memorial Hall.

Check back here later in the week for more details.

Students planted flowers around the library's sign.

The inside of the former Remedy Drug store got
a good cleaning. A telepharmacy is planned for
this location.

The work was planting. Can you
dig it?

When you're painting, you can tell where you have been.

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